Hinged Dock Leveler


Hinged Dock Leveler; It is a very useful ramp that does not take up any space by being embedded in concrete, with the harmony of hydraulic equipment and design.


  • Increases work efficiency by shortening loading time
  • High range of motion adapts to every vehicle for loading and unloading
  • Easy operation thanks to hydraulic and electrical compatibility
  • Prevents the forklift from slipping thanks to the teardrop patterned sheet metal it is manufactured from
  • Automatically adjusts its own level according to vehicle height due to its structure
  • Provides a safe use thanks to its ability to be stopped in the desired position

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions : 2000×2500
  • Pit Dimensions : 2040×2520
  • Maximum Lifting Distance : +650
  • Minimum Download Distance : -300
  • Engine Power : 1.1 kW
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity : 6000 kg
  • Operating Temperature : -10C / +40C
  • Control Panel Safety Class : IP 55
  • Color : RAL 5017
  • Platform Material : 6/7 Sheet Metal with teardrop pattern
  • Tongue Material : 12/13 Sheet Metal with teardrop pattern
  • Motor Voltage : 380 V – 50 Hz

Standard equipment

  • 90x100x300 mm rubber ramp wedge
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic unit control panel
  • Side protection plates to prevent foot entrapment
  • Anti-slip, teardrop patterned sheet metal on the ramp
  • Hydraulic circuit to prevent engine strain at maximum lift-off
  • Tongue support to prevent tongue cutting in the closed position
  • Ability to stop in the desired position